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Two California Cities Among Most Likely to Experience Flood Damage

Two California cities made the list of cities most likely to experience flood damage in a new study.

Stockton and Sacramento were among the most likely to experience flood damage based on data from the 200 largest cities in the U.S. based on population size, which were then risk assessed based on potential for flooding from environmental data and ranked on the total number of homes at risk of flooding.

The study, commissioned by Pink Storage, examined the risk of flooding in the next 30 years.

Properties in New Orleans, Louisiana are at the highest risk, with 99% of the properties in the area having a risk of flooding in the next 30 years.

Stockton was the second city most likely to experience flooding, with 93% of the homes in the area at risk. More than 943 miles of road in Stockton are also at risk, as well as 3,742 commercial properties, the study shows.

Sacramento came in as the fourth city most at risk for flooding with 86% of the houses at major risk of flooding. Commercial properties in Sacramento are also at a major risk with 6,556 in the area in danger.

The list of cities most at risk of flooding (percentage of homes in danger) includes:

  • New Orleans (99%)
  • Stockton (93%)
  • Cape Coral (90%)
  • Sacramento (86%)
  • Norfolk (85%)
  • Hampton (82%)
  • Fort Lauderdale (79%)
  • Charleston (72%)
  • Hialeah (69%)
  • Houston (64%)