Westwing Insurance offers a basic guide to follow immediately after an accident.

First off see that everyone is ALRIGHT- Safety First!

  • Stay calm 
  • Make sure you are safe from any type of approaching traffic. 
  • Examine if you require pulling your automobile out of traffic for your security or the safety and security of your passengers.
  • If anyone is injured, call emergency immediately.
  • Do not asum you OK, if available, allow a medical professional to examine you as you could be injured.
  • If you have a camera or a cellular phone, for the record, take pictures of the crash location and damages to vehicles and other damaged property . People are the top priorities - The paperwork is secondary

  • File a crash record. We suggest calling the cops, the insurance company or your Insurance agent representative..
  • Make detailed notes of the accident, day, time as well as place of crash

make sure to exchange insurance coverage info with the other drivers. Make sure to add the drivers names, phone number, license plates, and any other relevant information related to the accident.

  • Get the names of eyewitnesses prior to them leaving the scene
  • Get the name and division of the police officer on the scene.
  • In the instance of a hit and run, take down whatever partial information you may have gathered.. This consists of any kind of description and vehicle involved in the accident. Most specialists advise talking about the mishap without one other than the authorities or your insurer. 

Call your insurance service provider immediately!