Special event liability insurance policy is protection for organizations, individuals, groups, teams, bands, friends, clubs, religious and spiritual entities and businesses that host activities and events that are not contained within their general liability policy or by the facility, community center, amphitheater, park, city or state authorities or auditoriums. These policies provide liability coverage for liquor and legal protection for insurance claims of carelessness or negligence caused by third parties or the event organizers.

Why do we require this?

In today’s controversial legal culture, event coordinators and organizers may encounter potential responsibility or lawsuits from contractors, viewers, professionals, and clients.

Who requires it?

Any type of team, company, individual, club, and business event organizers for a single day or longer, which might indicate an obligation threat or potential liability need to consider this program.

We Offer Special Event Insurance For:

  • Products and completed operations
  • Private parties
  • Additional insured at no extra cost
  • Personal as well as advertising  injury
  • Fire damage

What is Special Event General Liability Insurance?

Special Event Liability Insurance (additionally described as CGL, Commercial General Liability or Spectator Liability) is an insurance plan created to provide a wide variety of defense for scenarios in which an event host or concessionaire needs to protect itself from lawsuits or make restitution for physical injury, liability or residential or commercial property damages to 3rd parties.

What is an event organizer?

The individual, company or business in charge of the event company as well as the promotion of the unique occasion and normally the endorser/signer of the rental center or facility.