Sadly, for a lot of automobile collectors, some companies have actually not identified that collectible autos are being made available in various forms, from the completely recovered vintage, for caring & protecting their vehicles. Westwing Insurance shares and cherish the beauty of the private vintage vehicle owners, not just simply the year the automobile was built.

At Westwing Insurance, we look around and ensure you the outright LOWEST rates. You will certainly get PROFICIENT solutions from our qualified representatives while obtaining quick and trusted insurance coverage for your Collectible Vintage Classic Cars. 

  • Antique: Cars, vehicles, motorbikes
  • Agreed value 
  • The rising cost of living inflation guard
  • No insurance deductible (original vehicle)

What is an Agreed Value, and why should I care?

Lots of classic automobile plans to market “Stated Value” as if it coincided as “Agreed Value”. It is not! Specified Value plans pay the “Stated Value” or the “Actual Cash Value” whichever is much less.

An “Agreed Value” indicates that the insurance coverage is offered to an estimated quantity chosen by both the insured and the insurer. If your automobile is stolen or totaled, you will certainly get the “Agreed Value”.

Just how old does my collectible automobile need to be prior to its eligible?

A vehicle of about 10 to 24 years of age that is an unusual make and design because of remarkable handiwork or limited manufacturing. If a ‘vintage car’ is older than 25 years of age, it is measured as an antique vehicle for insurance coverage purposes.