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California Lawsuit Says Grocer Broke Law by Asking Job-Seekers About Criminal Histories

California sued the Ralphs supermarket chain, alleging that it violated state law by asking job-seekers whether they had criminal records and illegally rejecting hundreds of applicants. The California Civil Rights Department contends that Ralphs Grocery…
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Questions on AI, Budget Deficit, Gun Owners Liability Await California Lawmakers

California lawmakers returned to work this week for the start of an election-year legislative session dominated by decisions on artificial intelligence and the state`s struggling budget. The budget is a big issue every year in…
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Lithium-Ion Battery Fire on Ship off Alaska out After Several Days of Burning

After lithium-ion batteries burned in a large cargo ship`s hold for a number of days, the U.S. Coast Guard said the fire was out and directed the ship to anchor near Dutch Harbor, Alaska. The…